Tokelau Flag

Tokelau Travel Guide

A bailer shaped to fit the inside curve of a canoe.


The New Zealand dollar is the currency used on the islands. You can change money at the Finance Department in the Administration Center on each island.

In 1997, Tokelau became the last country in the world to be connected to the rest of the planet by satellite telephone. Tokelau's telephone code is 690.

If you wish to send a fax to anyone in Tokelau, the public fax numbers are: Atafu fax 690/2108, Fakaofo fax 690/3103, and Nukunonu fax 690/4108. Just put the person's name at the top and the clerk will deliver it for a small fee. When writing to Tokelau, include the words "via Samoa" in the address.

Collectors can order Tokelau postage stamps from the New Zealand Post in Wellington, New Zealand.

There's a hospital on all three atolls, and treatment is free. Bring a remedy for diarrhea.

Arts and Crafts

Some of the finest traditional handicrafts in the Pacific are made in the Tokelau Islands, especially high-quality coconut-fiber hats and handbags, fans, and exquisite model canoes. Some of the handbags have a solid coconut-shell liner—handy for female self-defense. The coconut-shell water bottles are authentic and unique.

The most distinctive article on display is the tuluma, a watertight wooden box used to carry valuables on canoe journeys; its buoyancy also makes it an ideal lifesaver. Unfortunately, little is produced these days.