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This largest atoll in both land and lagoon area sits in the center of the group. A New Zealand reader reported that he hiked right around the atoll in 2.5 days. One reef crossing lasted four hours but was possible. Since Nukunonu is Catholic (see the large whitewashed stone church), life is less restricted than on the Congregationalist islands.

The village is divided into two parts by a reef pass spanned by a bridge. No dugout canoes are left on Nukunonu; everyone has switched to aluminum outboards. The rhinoceros beetle, a pest that attacks coconut trees, has established itself here.

Since 1995, Mr. Luhiano Perez, headmaster of the local school, and his wife Juliana have operated the Luana Liki Hotel, also known as the Blue Lagoon, near the school and a four-minute walk from the store. This solid, lilac-colored two-story building contains five double rooms and meals are provided.

Camping (own tent) on Sydney, Luhiano's private island, can be arranged. More recently, a second basic accommodation has opened on Nukunonu, styled the Falefa Resort.